About the Organizers

  • The First launch of BrazilFest Toronto Festival was in August 2004 by Antonio G. Scisci and Arilda De Oliveira at the Sunny Side Beach Cafe. The response to the 1st Annual event was very successful; the music and dance attracted an estimated crowd of two thousand people.

    Each Year, BrazilFest Toronto has grown in both size and prestige and has become an explosion of rhythm, passion,and music. Today many Brazilians call Canada home and the event has become a real carnival and a platform to showcase and highlight the best from the Toronto Brazilian community.

    BrazilFest is now considered a part of the Toronto calendar list of many great events that stimulate and celebrate the collective heritage and multicultural diversity of Toronto. The event is listed and affiliated with most of Toronto's cultural links.

    BrazilFest Toronto celebrates the unique touch of Brazilian friendship for all and expresses the great talents and contributions the Brazilian community has given through its music, cuisine and professional services to the City of Toronto.