Banda Maria Bonita ( 10 piece Forro Music Band )

  • A recent addition to the local cross-pollinating scene of rhythms from the world over, Maria Bonita delivers a dose of Brazilian Forró, Pé-de-Serra style. Forró is a kind of Northeastern Brazilian dance & party that developed from Euro and African styles of music, with song & chorus, guitar, bass, fiddle, drums, and accordion, all together for a groovy mix. Traditionally a partner dance and always fun, the tunes are infectious and the step is seductively simple.

    Maria Bonita and The Band: Jerusa Leao [Guitar & Voice], Graham Campbell [Guitar], Kelly Lefaive ["Rabeca" fiddle], Carlie Howell [Bass], Alex Bordokas [Zabumba Drum], Rodrigo Calabria[Triangle] and the CORO [Eve Schweichler, Flávia Oliveira, Angelica Barbosa, Priscila Moreno and Licianny Matos]